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Plaatsnijdersstraat = Parking rate zone AN131

Beaux Arts is located in a paying parking zone (Red zone). Here you will find the details of the parking regulations for this zone:

Red zone - Antwerp


  • Monday - Saturday.

  • Paid: 09:00 - 22:00.

  • First hour = € 2.30 - 2nd hour: + € 3.40 / 3rd hour: + € 5.70 

  • Maximum parking time: 3 hours

  • Take a ticket to enjoy 10 minutes of parking for free.

  • Fine: 44€/5h.

  • Free on public holidays.

  • Free parking without time limit for the disabled.

  • Day ticket: Not applicable

Parking zones and parking fees

In Antwerp, the number of parking spaces on the street is limited, especially in the city centre. In addition, street parking is payable in most places. This way, the available places remain free for visitors or residents who park for a short time. If you live in Antwerp, you can park for free in your own neighborhood with a parking permit for residents. There are alternatives for those who want to park longer. There are currently 9 P+Rs in and around Antwerp.

The nearest underground parking garage is Q-Park Steendok - Waalsekaai 69 A, 2000 Antwerp

Beaux Arts Antwerp

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